HUNTINGTON, UT - AUGUST 16: An Emery County ambulance leaves the Crandall Canyon coal mine August 16, 2007 near Huntington, Utah. Several ambulances and a MEDEVAC helicopter arrived at the mine in the evening as rescuers were injured during a collapse as they searched for six coal miners trapped 1,500 feet beneath the surface at the Crandall Canyon coal mine after an August 6 cave-in. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Gov. DeSantis signed the new law on Friday allowing paramedics to carry a gun to protect themselves.

Paramedics respond to dangerous situations. Emergency protocol calls for police to clear the scene and make sure it’s safe before paramedics can respond, but they still find themselves in danger. Several states have first responder gun laws in effect and now Florida does too. They will have to complete gun safety training.