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MUNICH, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 16: A waiter lifts mugs of beer in the Hacker Pschorr tent on the first day of the 2017 Oktoberfest beer fest on September 16, 2017 in Munich, Germany. Oktoberfest is the world's largest beer celebration and typically draws over six million visitors over its three-week run. Oktoberfest includes massive beer tents, each run by a different Bavarian brewer, as well as amusement rides and activities. (Photo by Philipp Guelland/Getty Images)

If you think about the stories we have heard recently of college drinking parties where someone is unconscious and nobody calls 911 for help, this law will make a difference.

Gov. DeSantis signed a new bill into law Friday that prohibits the arrest, charging or penalizing of underage drinkers who call 911 to get help. House bill 595 could make a huge difference in saving lives.

This bill expands on a 2012 law that protected people who call in a drug related incident.