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Those of us who call Florida home don’t need a survey to tell us how great it is to live here.

Most of us are transplants to the Tampa Bay area. The list of fun things to do is endless! Still, it’s nice to know that other’s know now what we know!

WalletHub recently released a ranking of the “Most Fun States in America”. California received the number one spot, but Florida followed closely behind at #2. After living in California for more than 20 years of my life, I think they got it backwards. But that’s just my opinion.

This survey was based on pure enjoyment only. So, to see the full list of the 50 states you can click HERE.

And if you’d like to get real specific, WalletHub also made a list of the most fun cities HERE. And to no one’s surprise, Las Vegas tops the list at number one. 😉

Rich Fields is a veteran radio broadcaster who is best known for having been the Announcer on the Price is Right. He is also an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist .