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Dad Sayings and Jokes With Father’s Day approaching, its fun to talk about those things so many dads are known for–like those eye-rolling jokes, sayings, and just overall dadisms. Does your dad have any memorable sayings, jokes or things he was known for? Have you found yourself doing or saying something that made you feel like you are turning into your dad?

My Father, John P Street was a complete nerd at work. He was a pharmacist and a consultant who walked major drug companies through every step from A to Z to get a drug approved by the FDA. That’s a lot of files and organizing LOL

At home, my Father really wanted to be John Wayne. He loved Colorado and camping, horses, dude ranches and trout fishing. He taught me and my brothers to fish and camp and I’m every bit his daughter with my love for Colorado and fly fishing. He was a lover of corny jokes and now my brother Dave tells corny jokes. If your Father is no longer with you, then take a moment this weekend and appreciate that Dadism you were handed down. Love you Dad!