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Few things strike fear like snakes. The minute Floridians see one, we start going through all those rhymes we’ve learned to determine if it’s a dangerous one. A new app is coming out this month to let you know if you’re doomed.

Snake Snap uses your cell phone camera to take a photo of a snake you encounter. Spectrum News 13 says you then trace the shape with your finger and put in where you ran into it. The app then looks at your pic and tells you what kind of snake you’re seeing. Plus it’ll let you know whether to run like mad (if you didn’t already) and all you need to know about the reptile. It’ll even give you a way to connect to emergency resources. The app inventor grew up in Florida. On the Snake Snap site, they say all that new construction here in the Sunshine State is what’s causing the displacement of all these snakes. Some are needlessly killed because they’re harmless and often helpful.

Want a refresher course on Florida’s 6 most common dangerous snakes? Take a look! A great tip from the video: snakes won’t chase you – bites happen in self defense. Walk away. This video is really good to help you identify which snakes in Florida are a threat and where you’ll find them. It’s about 20 minutes long but worth watching.

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