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(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Who likes robocalls and phone scams? Nobody.

Well, they’re prevalent in our city. Tampa ranks 18th out of the top 100 cities nationwide. There’s a robocall blocking service called YouMail. And their CEO, Alex Quilici, explains what’s happening in Tampa. “In Tampa, on average, you’re getting about 20 to 21 robocalls per person, per month. The average person is getting about 14 to 15 a month, so that’s why you’re ranked highly.”

Why is this happening? It could be that we do have an older population so scammers could be looking for people to take advantage of.

What can be done about this issue? Be proactive. You could get a robocall-blocking app on your phone. It’s kind of like having antivirus for your computer. You can reach out to the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint.

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