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If you get sucked into the dumbest show on television every summer, join the club. I’m embarrassed to admit I end up watching this completely useless show every year. There’s always one cast member I find interesting enough to add it to the DVR schedule. For us here in Tampa Bay, we’ve got a local on the cast this year. 28 year old personal trainer Jack Matthews made the cut, according to Entertainment Weekly. He’s orginally from Chicago but now lives in Tampa. He’s into photography, his dog Layla and CrossFit according to his bio. His motto “keep it simple” may not work so great in Big Brother House. Game plans that work tend to be pretty complex. Here’s a sneak preview we found on YouTube of Jack in action at work.

If you’ve never watched Big Brother, don’t start. It’ll drain your schedule this summer. You’ll be checking sites to see who won “Head of Household” or the “Power of Veto.” The fact that none of these things mean anything to you right now is a GOOD thing. Turn back now while you can! Or become one of the losers like me who waste hours and hours all summer. It’s basically a popularity contest where house guests vote each other out until one is left. That last one wins a half million dollars.

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