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Sunday Mornings 6:00am

How do you feel about women who breastfeed in public? Hopefully, you don’t mind it. It’s just a mama taking care of her baby.

Well, in Lakeland, they’re advocates. On Monday Lakeland mayor, Bill Mutz, signed a proclamation endorsing breastfeeding in public.

Melissa Morrow is a midwife, and she owns Celebrate Birth. She spearheaded the movement. Melissa explains, “American culture in general doesn’t sit well with breast-feeding in public sometimes.” Shaming breastfeeding mothers began in the early 90s. Morrow wants to promote breastfeeding as a “social norm” in Lakeland.

I had no problem breastfeeding in public…at restaurants, wherever. You can be completely discreet so that you and your baby are comfortable, and it’s not offensive to anyone. If someone is weirded out by a mom feeding her baby, I don’t know what to say to that person, except maybe, “Don’t look.”

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