In Florida, we all live in homes that either have termites or will have termites. It’s just one of those trade offs for living near the beach and not having to shovel snow for 4 months. A few years back I sold my old house in Riverview. When we were getting some renovations done, I found out we had roommates we never knew about living in the walls. Had to get the house tented and now I always keep an eye out for those little wings. Termites are bad enough… but there’s one they’ve discovered now called the “Super Bug.” This thing doesn’t just chomp on wood, Channel 8 says it chews through concrete and plumbing and spit an acid! They’re described as “unstoppable.” It’s not a problem in the Tampa area… yet. But they seem to think it’s inevitable. According to, they’re so rare that only 3 places have them: Taiwan, Hawaii, and wait for it… yup, Florida. Ah Florida life.

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