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Starting July 1, cops that spot you texting and driving can pull you over. But some are worried about a big loophole that may render the law pretty much useless.

ABC Action News reports that police must inform you that you have the right to NOT show them your phone. If you say “no,” then law enforcement can’t prove you committed the offense. It leaves you wondering… what’s the point of the new law? Drivers who refuse to show their phone to police have all the power since it can’t be proven they were texting. And that’s not all. Another concern is there’s an exception to the law that allows you to glance at your phone if you get a weather alert or if you’re using your phone as your GPS. Obviously drivers who were texting and driving can lie.

Another nuisance that won’t go away is that drivers CAN text while at a red light. So those horns honking when the first one in line isn’t paying attention… that’s not going away with the new law.

Source: ABC

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