A twelve-year-old girl vacationing from Indiana is learning how to walk again after contracting a flesh-eating bacteria while on vacation in Destin, Florida.

The youngster had an open cut on her toe that she had gotten while skateboarding. But when she got to Florida and waded into the water a deadly bacteria enters that open cut.

The tween was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, an aggressive flesh-eating bacteria. The young girl is warning others to stay out of the water this summer if they have open wounds.

Doctors warn this can be very serious and that this necrotizing fasciitis is a rare flesh-eating disease. It is fast-moving and can be deadly.  According to the Centers for Disease Control 1 in 3 people who get necrotizing fasciitis die.

The deadly bacteria (most commonly) enters the body through a break in the skin such as:

  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Burns
  • Insect bites
  • Puncture wounds (including those due to intravenous or IV drug use)
  • Surgical wounds

However, people can also get necrotizing fasciitis after an injury that does not break the skin (blunt trauma).

Living here in Florida we need to be informed about this and use necessary caution. At this time, no word from Florida Health officials on what can be done about the bacteria.

Rich Fields is a veteran radio broadcaster who is best known for having been the Announcer on the Price is Right. He is also an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist .