I know this little guy was rescued far far away in Kosovo, but I couldn’t resist. This bear cub was rescued from a dark basement where he was being kept as a pet, which is illegal. The rescue was done by Four Paws International and the bear was taken to Bear Sanctuary Prishtina. After a complete exam was done by the vets it was time to let the little guy see what he had been missing – The Great Outdoors!


Safe haven for the bear cub in Kosovo!

A safe haven last! ????The recent tragic story about the bear cub in Kosovo, who was found to be living in terrible conditions in a dark garage, was not only touching for us, but it also moved many of your hearts.????Two weeks ago, we got the news we had all been hoping for, and we were finally able to bring him to our Bear Sanctuary Prishtina. Here you can see the emotional moment when the little bear explores his new beautiful enclosure for the first time! ????➡️ Please help us to look after this little wild animal in the future!

Posted by FOUR PAWS International on Tuesday, June 25, 2019