Rick Springfield performs onstage during the One Love Malibu Festival at King Gillette Ranch last December.

A Rick Springfield concert is a straight up rock party. If you’ve been to any of our Q105 shows with Rick over the years, you know it’s a high-energy, fists in the air experience. But these days, Rick says he feels more like Frank Sinatra. On this tour, he’s bringing a full orchestra. He says it’s “a re-imagining of the songs. It’s like a greatest hits only more.” He gave the format a test run while he was in Germany and is now bringing it to the U.S. There’s also an acoustic part of the show with some personal stories.

Rick Springfield says his new music he’s writing has a new perspective too after turning 70. He says, “There’s more going on in the world. I’m getting older and different things matter. I’ve lost friends and I’ve lost people so there are different things to write about.”

Source: LA Times

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