The gas station card skimmer problem just got worse. Channel 8 reports police in Clearwater are worried after finding an evolved new high-tech skimmer at the 7-Eleven location on Belcher this morning. This one has bluetooth, which could let the crooks get info from victims that didn’t even actually use the gas pump! They think it was there for about a week before being found. It was pump #9 if this is a station you visit. As long as you use a credit card to pay for gas, you’re protected… but check your statement. If you can offer any information, you’re asked to call (727) 562-4242.

If you purchased gasoline at Pump 9 at the 7-Eleven at 205 N. Belcher Road recently, watch your bank or credit card...

Posted by Clearwater Police Department on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Source: Channel 8

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