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It’s a love hate relationship with these e-scooter rentals. One town in Europe recently recovered 24 scooters out of the river they were dumped into. E-scooters get thrown into lakes and tossed in the trash because people don’t want them on the sidewalks.

On July 2, Dane Williams rented an e-scooter near Amalie Arena and told ABC Action news he wasn’t doing anything crazy at the time of the crash. Williams said he was going about 20 mph and put his foot down on the sidewalk jerking the scooter and crashing only to shatter the bones in his left leg. Williams spent 3 days in the hospital and now owes $100,000 in hospital bills.

Tampa General Hospital says they have treated 50 injuries from scooters since May. This is a one year pilot program that’s off to a rough start.