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When you’re a cheapskate like me, heading downtown St. Pete for lunch is not usually the game plan. But gotta hand it to my pal Sean for finding this place. We hit up The Mill on Central. It’s trendy inside and has that upscale vibe, but you can get in and out for about $15. If you go, parking in that area is usually a nightmare, but you can park for an hour free if you check in with the office building podium that’s right behind the restaurant. Sean got the roast beef sandwich. I went with the burger. Both are pretty simple choices, but they put a unique spin on both.

The burger had pimento Cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and an awesome smoked caramelized onion aioli. That aioli is what made it. So good. Great combination of flavors. And when you add bacon, well duh, you win. Got it with the potato wedges with came with a couple different kinds of ketchup. One was regular and one has a sweet spicy flavor.

My buddy’s roast beef sandwich honestly didn’t look great, but after his first bite his “awww yeah” squashed that.

He went with their house chips for a side that were coated with salt and sugar. Pretty awesome.

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