I so miss Live PD in Pasco County.

In today’s “A Florida Man” news, Lonnie Maddox was spotted this week trying to break in to a home on a security camera, according to the Miami Herald. They say the home owner immediately called the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. Lonnie Maddox, apparently AKA “The Rooster,” probably should’ve have re-thought this strategy. His getaway ride, a brown horse, seemingly got impatient and took off on him. Yup. The getaway… got away. The horse was found a couple miles away… and here’s the shocker. The Rooster wasn’t the horse’s owner. They say The Rooster told cops he wanted to see inside the house because he wanted to rent it and that the horse got lost and he was trying to help bring it home.

This may surprise you but The Rooster has a long criminal history with drugs, auto theft and battery according to the article.

Source: Miami Herald

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