Thursday is the final stage of the pilot whale rescue. The two pilot whales in Tarpon Springs will be loaded onto a large boat this morning and they will travel out to where the other three pilot whales are and then release the.

Here’s the release Video

2:05pm UPDATE: A truck is on the way to pick up two of the whales and take them to a recovery center in Tarpon Springs and a boat is on the way for the other three to take them out in the Gulf where they belong – the other two will recover for the next few days and then hopefully get back and find a pod of pilot whales.

12:00pm UPDATE: We now know that 5 short finned pilot whales beached themselves this morning between 5:00am -6:00am. NOAA, FWC and The Clearwater Marine Aquarium along with the Coast Guard are keeping the whales wet and under the shade of a tent while they do the tests to see if they can figure out what’s wrong with them These whales are usually 100 miles out in very deep water and the fact that they came in so close means something is wrong. A NOAA spokesperson said that’s what they are working to figure out.