We should all do our part and help out when there is a call for blood donations. And now, veterinary medicine is calling on us to allow our pets to do the same thing.

While this may be something new to you, this practice has been happening for years. This is the time of year in Florida when heat-stroke and rattlesnake bites are most prevalent, so its very important to have that blood supply on hand.

ABC Action News reports that Animal Emergency of Pasco in Port Richey actually has a dog blood donor program. And vet technicians Holly Sacramone and Sam Dunman are reaching out to the community for help in getting donors. 

The program is free, takes only minutes and may possibly save another canine’s life. That alone is a great motivator. But in addition, there are perks beyond helping other dogs and owners. If your dog is a volunteer they will get free heartworm and flea treatment, and a snake vaccine to help strengthen their blood against venom.

The basic criteria for your dog to donate are:

  • healthy and friendly
  • weigh more than fifty pounds
  • between one and seven years old
  • current on vaccinations
  • free of parasites.

To learn more about canine blood donation go to AKC Canine Health Foundation.

If you are interested in becoming a donor with this local program at Animal Emergency of Pasco click HERE:

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