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A camera behind a two-way mirror is set up for the reality-based show "Big Brother" where strangers, totally cut-off from the outside world, co-exist in an isolated house.

If you’ve been watching the CBS reality TV show Big Brother, you’ve seen Tampa fitness instructor Jack Matthews pretty much running the show. He’s popular with most of the house and has been a force to be reckoned with in competitions. If you’re not familiar with the show, about a dozen people live in the same house cut off from the outside world for a summer and then one by one vote each other out. The last one left in the house wins $500,000. Stop here if you don’t want to know a big spoiler!

Jack isn’t all that popular with internet fans. Fans are unhappy that the first evicted contestants this season were all minorities. Jack’s specifically one of the contestants that’s been accused of being racist. Some of his comments on the show’s 24/7 live feeds have been circulated and criticized. Jack, however, probably has no idea about the controversy. Contestants are kept from any contact from the outside world. They don’t watch TV, can’t access the internet or speak with friends and family while they play the game.

Jack’s time in the house may be coming to an end. Fan site Jokers Updates reports Jack was nominated AGAIN for eviction by one of the contestants. That means he’ll now have to compete to be allowed to stay in the house or try to get other house guests to vote to let him stay. His teammate Jackson is also nominated. The 2 will play a “Power of Veto” competition that gives them the chance to eliminate their eviction nomination. If one of them wins the “veto,” they will stay in the house and a replacement nominee will be named. The last two nominees compete for votes from the others in the house to remain. The one with fewer votes is evicted and is out of the running for the half million dollar grand prize.

August 4 Update:
More bad news for Jack. He and his teammate Jackson came up short in that Veto competition so looks like one of them will be eliminated this week. Fans on Twitter seem to think it’ll be Jack.

August 5 Update:
The veto wasn’t used so looks like Jack’s time left in the Big Brother house is down to a few days.

August 8 Update:
Tonight the house decides who goes, and it appears from everyone on Twitter that watches the live feeds think Jack is done for. And they don’t seem terribly broken up about it.

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