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Pro wrestling fans are upset at one fan’s gestures toward a German wrestler at last night’s event in Largo at The Minnreg Hall in Largo. NXT is WWE’s minor league where young wrestlers work to perfect their craft to one day make it to the majors. It’s usually a small crowd of a few hundred fans. It’s a good time. Tickets are only $10-$20 and kids get to see the wrestlers up close before they make it to the big time. I posted these photos from a show last month.

The fun came to a stop at one point last night. A fan was making what appeared to be Nazi salutes when a German wrestler made his way to the ring. Fans say the wrestler (Marcel Barthel) stopped, took the mic from the ring announcer and called the fan out. Even though Barthel’s role was one of the “bad guys,” fans immediately broke character themselves and put the fiction away by backing the wrestler up. They quickly took to social media demanding that WWE and NXT ban the man from future events.

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