With the Tampa Bay Bucs already in training camp, there is hope on the horizon that bad officiating in the NFL will be minimized this season.

According to CBSsports.com, a Louisiana State Civil District Court has ordered NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and three officials from January’s NFC title game between the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams to be deposed regarding the infamous missed pass interference call. The call that arguably swung the game in favor of the Rams.

We all remember the game and the missed call. It was shocking and will likely go down as the worst missed call in the history of the NFL. Especially since it was a title game for all the marbles.

Whether you were a Saints fan or a Rams fan, you knew this was bad when it happened.

Attorney Antonio LeMon filed the suit alleging fraud was committed by the officials. Other suits were brought in or removed to federal court, but LeMon’s has continued in state court. LeMom designed the suit to stay in state court by keeping the requested damages low ($75,000), stating he intends to donate any proceeds from the suit to former Saints star Steve Gleason’s charity.

It appears its more about the principal as Lemon is quoted as saying, “As far as I’m concerned, we can’t move on until there’s been some reparation and some consequence for what happened.”

The suit is scheduled to have its next hearing in late August, with depositions currently set in September.

So, for all the fans that were (and are still burned) over this controversy but thought it was over, looks like the pot will be stirred just as the new ’19-’20 season begins. Maybe some justice will be had for ALL of us football fans as the NFL is forced to take a closer look at their refs.

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