Pub Sub sale day lines at Publix.

I love how we look out for each other. Thank you to Q105 listener Pat for the heads up. The use of ALL CAPS is completely justified: CHICKEN TENDERS PUB SUBS ARE ON SALE STARTING TOMORROW (August 8). Yes the most popular Pub Sub of them all can be yours for a cool $6.99 from August 8 through August 14, according to their new circular.

NOW… how is the BEST way to prepare your Pub Sub? We started this debate on my Facebook page a while back. Some go the traditional route with a simple mix of lettuce, tomato and ranch. But I like the more creative spins with buffalo sauce… and one listener even said some Publix stores will make it a Chicken Parmesan if you ask.

And by the way, Pub Sub it like a pro. When Publix puts their sandwiches on sale, especially this one, the lines at lunchtime can be long. Order online! They’ll have it waiting for you at the time you specify. Nothing brings me joy like waltzing into Publix, seeing the long line, grabbing my Pub Sub and heading to a 10 items or less register and completing my entire visit in less than 2 minutes!

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