Saturday nights at 7 on Tampa Bay’s Q105, Geno brings you beats from back in the day on the legendary Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party!

To get a song on the radio, request a song just like you did back in the day… pick up that telephone! Call 1-800-990-1047 from anywhere in America! It’s radio! Your voice is essential. Your stories and energy are the most important part of the show. You bring the PARTY to The Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party with your phone calls!

ONE Exception (NEW!)
If you’d like to text, tweet or comment a request by recording a short video or audio clip, go for it! Be sure to introduce yourself and tell us where you’re listening. Let us know what you’re celebrating or why you love the song you’re requesting. What’s your favorite memory about that song? Or just give a shout out to some friends who love these old school party songs as much as you do.

Text your audio or video clip to 800-990-1047 or leave it on our Facebook page or tweet your audio/video clip and tag us @Q105SNDP!

“I called but got a busy signal!”
If you get a busy signal, keep trying! The request lines fill up fast when we open them at 7pm. It’s usually easier to get through as the night goes on. Pro tip: call when we are in a commercial break or right after that top-of-the-hour chant!

“I called an hour ago, where’s my song?”
Some nights a request at 7 doesn’t get on until 10 or 11. We try to get to every request, but do please understand that we get hundreds of calls every week and since it’s a 5 hour show, we only have enough time on the air to get to about 1/4 of them.

To better your chances of getting your song on, just have fun and big energy when you call in! It also helps if you request a song that lots of our listeners will love. As much as we love those obscure hidden gems, we need to keep that dance floor packed so those who call in with familiar songs get to the front of the line. But the best thing you can do to get on the air faster is to bring the party when you call.

“Do you do shout outs or can you wish my friend a happy birthday?”
Yes… but we don’t do the shout out. You do! Call in or if you’re having a big party, get everyone together and be a part of the famous Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party top-of-the-hour chant!

“Does it have to be an ’80s song?”
The show airs Saturday nights at 7 during the Q105 ’80s Party Weekend, but we bend the rules a bit. Got a great disco classic from the ’70s or ’90s party anthem? Call it in! We’ve even slipped a few songs in from the early 2000s. Got a great party song from back in the day? Geno will let you know if it’s a little too far out there.

Need some ideas? These were the the most requested songs last year on the Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party!

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