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In an unprecedented move, CBS reality TV show host Julie Chen broke from the normal format when Tampa contestant Jack Matthews was eliminated from the game tonight. Normally when voted off the show, CBS has a lighthearted exchange where Julie asks the evicted house guest about strategy. The interview is usually followed by comical or dramatic messages from the house guests that voted the contestant out. That didn’t happen tonight.

After a few questions about his game play, Chen instead played clips from the live internet feeds that fans have been upset about this season. Normally the show only plays video from moments that have been shown during the TV broadcasts. These clips did not air on TV, but were isolated by sites like TMZ and Big Brother fan sites. Many found them unacceptable and racist.

Take a look at the clips shown as well as Matthews’ responses to each. He apologized for some remarks. But he insisted his insults were not racist in nature.

Fans of the show on Twitter were shocked at the move by CBS. Most were happy the show “went there.” A few, however, said Jack was unfairly ambushed. I tend to think he saw this coming and was probably shown the clips ahead of time. His answers seemed prepared and he kept saying things like “I’m glad I can explain that…”

CBS has since uploaded the lengthier post-show interview with Julie and Jack. Now that the TV audience wasn’t watching, Julie asked about the things they normally discuss after an eviction: strategy and reaction to the house guest video messages. The most unexpected answer… Jack said he’d like to see CLIFF win!

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