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With this ridiculous August heat right now in Florida, what better time to escape? How does a free flight from Tampa to Las Vegas, Chicago, or Long Island sound fun? Frontier Airlines has come up with a neat way to promote being “America’s greenest flight.” Channel 8 reports that if your last name is either GREEN or GREENE, you have a free boarding pass waiting for you. You have to go to their website and book online. There are a few catches of course. Your legal last name must be Green or Greene obviously. Your flight must depart on a Tuesday and your return flight can be no later than August 20. So yeah, the clock is ticking. And if that’s your last name, I’m green with envy. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Frontier flies out of Tampa to Cleveland, Las Vegas, Denver, Philadelphia, Long Island, Trenton, Chicago, Cincinnati, Austin and Raleigh.

Source: Channel 8

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