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Paula Street has a new least favorite Tampa resident. Channel 8 reports 49 year old Evangelos Halkias has come forward to claim his winnings: $10,000 a week for life! He bought the winning ticket in Tampa at the 7-Eleven on Dale Mabry in the Carrollwood area. The store picks up $20K for selling the ticket.

The game isn’t a cheap one. It’s a $20 ticket to play. According to the Florida Lottery website, it’s been around for a couple years but only 1 of the 6 big winning tickets has been claimed. The odds of getting the grand prize? 1 in over 5 million!

Paula Street is Q105’s official lottery guru. She has not returned our calls for comment as of press time.

Here are the odds of the other prizes for this particular game:

Odds of Winnings
Prize Amount / Odds of Winning
$10,000 Wk/Life 1-in-5,040,000
$100,000.00 1-in-1,260,000
$20,000.00 1-in-252,000
$10,000.00 1-in-100,800
$5,000.00 1-in-40,000
$1,000.00 1-in-2,500
$500.00 1-in-667
$200.00 1-in-300
$100.00 1-in-32
$50.00 1-in-30
$40.00 1-in-30
$30.00 1-in-30
$25.00 1-in-30
$20.00 1-in-6

Source: Channel 8

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