Welcome to the world of YouTube stars. A place where you can watch anything you want. If something breaks in your house, YouTube has the video to help you fix it. I love going to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino with friends to hang out, have dinner and yes gamble but you don’t see me in the high limit room. I can’t bank that, but YouTube can.

I subscribe to Brian Christopher Slots and Slot Queen, two very fun slot YouTubers. Brian Christopher plays high limit a lot and he’s a blast to  watch. BC who calls his followers “Rudies” travels around the country playing playing high limit rooms, live streaming and invites people to play with him in group pulls. As far as I know, BC has not been here at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino YET, but if he does come for a group pull, I’ll be there. In  group pull, everyone pitches in $200 or more and the group plays together in a High Limit Room. Fans call themselves rudies because when BC is playing a stubborn machine and he has a near jackpot miss he says “rudie toodie”

Follow Brian at Brian Christopher Slots.


And then there’s the Slot Queen who sometimes even plays with Brian Christopher in a live stream which is hilarious. Slot Queen plays high limits sometimes, but mostly plays at the level I am comfortable with. You’ll get to know her family, Slot Queen Hubby and they are as comfortable and fun to watch as hanging out with my friends at the Hard Rock. I also love following these two on YouTube because they play all the new slot machines and explain what you have to get to win. You can learn all about news slots without spending a penny!