If you haven’t seen this trailer of the new Patrick Swayze documentary, here is your chance.

The show airs this Sunday evening, August 18th at 9 P.M. EST on the Paramount Network. Let this be your reminder to set your DVR for this must see look at an 80’s favorite.

Is there anyone who represents the 80’s (and all they stand for) more than Patrick Swayze? I don’t think so. Multi-talented Swayze could do it all, sing, dance, act and look amazing while doing it all.

For all the Swayze fans there is a new documentary about Patrick coming to television called “I Am Patrick Swayze”. The program promises to leave you in tears as you learn more about the man, his life and struggles.. and the legend he left behind.


The documentary will showcase the life and career of  Swayze, who passed away in 2009 after a hard-fought battle with pancreatic cancer.

The film hopes to honor the actor in some of his most iconic roles throughout his long film career, through interviews with friends and co stars, clips and other unique footage of the actor. However, the program will also reveal his real life struggle tackling his hidden “demons”  behind the scenes.

This program comes nearly 10 years after the actor’s death. The show airing on the Paramount Network, was intentionally set on what was to be the actor’s 67th birthday, August 18th 2019.

I’m scheduling this on my DVR as MUST SEE TV!

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