A 9 year-old girl on vacation in New Smyrna Beach, Florida will go back home to Ohio with a unique souvenir this year.

According to NBC News, little Maggie Crum was enjoying the water at New Smyrna Beach on Friday when a shark latched its mouth around her right calf. The wound was large and Maggie needed 12 stitches to close it up.

Check out the video report below:


Maggie said, “I saw sand swirling, and then it bit the top of my calf”, saying she was only in knee deep water when the attack occurred. The brave 9 year old says that she won’t let this terrifying experience keep her out of the water that she loves.

Officials say the shark that bit her was about 3 or 4 feet long. This year alone 10 people have been bitten by sharks in Volusia County.

Maggie is not worried though! She adds…“What are the odds that you’re gonna be bit twice? I think that’s it’s an absolute zero! Big fat zero, it’s not gonna happen.”

She’s excited that she gets to return to school and be able toshow off her new stitches… and a commemorative shark bite necklace.

This particular attack should not be surprising, after-all New Smyrna Beach is known as the shark attack capital of the world according to (ISAF) the International Shark Attack File.

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