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Not a morning person? Me either. And for once, it’s a good thing. Forget all that “early bird gets the worm” stuff. Sleep in. Disney is offering a new admission ticket… and it’s under $100 a day… IF you sleep in and get to the parks at noon. “The Mid-Day Magic Ticket” is available now and can be used until December 15, according to USA Today.

You can use the ticket at any of the parks – Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom or Epcot. You can’t jump from park to park though on this ticket. You can get a 2 day ticket for $88 a day (expires 4 days after your first visit), a 3 day ticket for $84 a day (expires after 5 days) or a 4 day ticket for $79 a day (expires a week after visit one). Regular admission the days is $116.

Source: USA Today

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