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(Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images)

Scary situation in Trinity. It’s been reported that a person who was apparently attacking someone was being attacked inside their home and a hero neighbor shot and killed the suspect.

No names have been released because of the Marcy’s Law. This law protects the rights of crime victims.

Sheriff Chris Nocco described the situation, explain that three people and “multiple” young, school-age children were involved. Two were inside the home: victim 1 and the suspect. A neighbor, named victim 2, was outside doing lawn work when the violence began.

The sheriff explained that victim 1 was being attacked by the suspect inside their home. Victim 2 watched as victim 1 helped children escape from the suspect from a second-story. Victim 1 began screaming for help.

The suspect reportedly came out of the house to approach victim 2, who tried to calm him down but the suspect’s behavior escalated. The suspect shot at victim 2, Nocco said. Victim 2 returned fire, hitting and killing the suspect.

Sheriff Nocco said, “All indications here, victim 2 was a hero. Victim number 2… was helping another victim, who was a victim of domestic violence, make sure those school children were safe.”

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