According to the Daily Mail, NASA is currently investigating what may be the very FIRST account of criminal activity in space.

Reports say, that Astronaut and U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Anne McClain “accessed the bank accounts of her estranged wife, Summer Worden using NASA computers” while on board the International Space Station (ISS).

McClain (a former U.S. intelligence officer) allegedly accessed Worden’s personal financial accounts. Worden and McCalain are in a custody dispute over Worden’s son, who she gave birth to long before the couple were ever married.

Lt. Colonel Anne C. McClain

Worden became suspicious after she found out that McClain knew specific spending details… while McClain was sequestered on the International Space Station. A complaint was filed with the FTC and a full criminal investigation is now underway.

I find this absolutely incredible! And actually history making… for a lot of BAD reasons. Get more details on the story HERE.

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