News of another case of the flesh eating bacteria here in Florida has surfaced, this time it is extremely severe.

50 year old David Ireland has undergone three surgeries to strip off his skin, as he battles an infection of flesh eating bacteria. He is currently in critical condition at a Florida hospital.

In mid August, David who works at Universal Studios, began developing flu-like symptoms. By August 20th. his condition had had gotten so extreme that he had to be rushed to an emergency room. Within hours, doctors diagnosed that he had come down with necrotizing fasciitis. He was immediately put in intensive care and has since suffered kidney failure.

His wife Jody Ireland reports..“So far his treatment has been to remove 25 percent of his skin from his ankle to his torso, butt and scrotum. Today, surgeons are due to fit a reversible colostomy bag, and remove more skin if the infection has spread”. 

His wife says that her husband is taking medicine to control his blood pressure which cuts off the blood flow to his hands and feet. But she adds..“Those may be amputated if he even pulls through. Doctors are optimistic but are still not sure if he will pull through.”

Recently, there have been many cases in different areas of Florida waterways.  However, in this case they are uncertain of where Ireland may have contracted the dreadful bacteria. His brother, Daniel Ireland, stated that while his brother often swims at his condo, he has not been in any natural bodies of water.

We know that usually this bacteria enters the body through a cut in the skin, including scrapes, burns, insect bites, and puncture wounds. And since Ireland is a diabetic, he may have been just more vulnerable. The Florida Department of Health reports that those with a weakened immune system are more at risk.

Ireland is still in very critical condition. Doctors will also be examining Ireland for additional infection as time goes on and may be taking off more skin if necessary.

Source: ABC Action News

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