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Confession. I drove to Largo the other night JUST so I could try this hyped up chicken sandwich everybody’s been going crazy for on the internet. How good could it possibly be? I would not find out. And apparently, I never will. I got to the store and the woman working the register told me they don’t have the sandwiches before they even asked what I wanted to order. She said they’d be back September 2. When I asked if other Tampa area stores have them, she just shrugged her shoulders and said she didn’t know. You could tell she was hating her life. She’s clearly heard the same question over and over.

Popeyes today announced via social media they’re stopping production. They say they’re “sold out… for now.”

Were they that incredible? Tweet your thoughts to @Q105Geno. I did manage to snag a fried apple pie… which I’d been craving since realizing Tampa area McDonald’s locations stopped selling them. But as for the chicken sandwich, not being able to get one at Popeyes was no big loss. As fate would have it, there is a Zaxby’s across the street from the Largo Popeyes and their chicken sandwich was INSANELY good. And it wasn’t “sold out.”

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