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The National Hurricane Center put out its newest information about the track of Hurricane Dorian tonight at 11. Winds are up to 85MPH. Florida still seems to be the target. There are no big changes. It still looks like late Sunday into Monday is when Dorian will be on Florida’s doorstep. As for what happens when it hits the coast, that still will take another day or two to determine according to weather forecasters. During his report tonight, Paul from Fox 13 suggested that a Category 3 is a best case scenario for when it hits the east coast and that the storm could reach Cat 4 or 5 status along the way since there’s no land to break up the storm from here on in. It’s all warm open water for the rest of it’s path as it heads toward Florida. Denis Phillips from ABC Action News says the landfall could happen anywhere from Jacksonville to Miami at this point. By tomorrow or Friday, they all think we should have a pretty good idea where the impact will happen.

This is definitely time to prepare. Make sure you have batteries on hand, a flashlight, a radio and a week’s worth of medication, food and water. And save this link for updates all weekend:

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