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It’s not every day that something that you do or say goes, “viral”. But Tuesday August 28th., was one of those days for me.

Folks in Tampa have never really gotten the chance to see me wearing my meteorology hat. But before (and after) my time on the Price is Right with Bob Barker and Drew Carey… I was a weatherman. I studied and worked in meteorology long before I was on network television doing game shows.

But if you follow me on Twitter (@iRichFields) or Facebook (@RichFieldsTV) you may have seen forecasts of mine or postings of doppler radar signatures of particularly bad storms rolling into Tampa Bay. I can’t help it. If I think it is life-threatening… I have to say something.

So, with Hurricane Dorian knocking on Florida’s door, the BBC World News organization reached out to me to give my professional expertise and opinion on what might come from this… our first major hurricane of the 2019 season.

Below is a Skyped interview that I did with BBC World News anchor Laura Trevelyan. That’s where I thought the interview would stay. But I have now learned that in addition to my interview airing on BBC News (repeatedly), it is also airing on every PBS station across the country that caries BBC World News programming. That’s the television equivalent of going “viral”.

Check out the video below:



I was honored that of all of the incredible meteorologists in the country, that the BBC selected me to contribute to this important story.

Stay tuned to Q105 and all of the local Beasley Media Group stations for the latest on Dorian. You can also get instant updates online at:

  • Q105’s Rich Fields is an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist.

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Rich Fields is a veteran radio broadcaster who is best known for having been the Announcer on the Price is Right. He is also an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist .