You may recall the story we did here, about the giant cat “Mr. B” needing a new home, after the Morris Animal Refuge had taken him in. He had been surrendered to the shelter from a family stating they could no longer care for him.

Mr. B (a.k.a BeeJay) stole the hearts of folks all across the county, as the post went viral and actually had so much interest that the internet traffic shut down their website. He had over 3,000 people submit applications to adopt him.

The tweet was shared over social media sites more than 14,000 times and the subject of many headlines across the county, as people immediately fell in love with the unusually large cat. Now, the people at the refuge are happy to report BeeJay has been placed in a new foster home:

The shelter said they are working with Mr. B’s new foster family to help resolve the cat’s health and behavioral issues, in hopes they will eventually become his permanent home. We are all hoping for a true happy ending for Mr. B.

Morris Animal Refuge also said that Mr. B’s viral post helped bring in over $1,800 in donations, and the shelter has sold more than 400 Mr. B CHONK shirts.

Among all the attention and excitement of Mr B, the shelter wants to leave you with this thought:

“With all of this attention, we want to remind people that there are thousands of animals in shelters all across the country that need your help. Consider adopting one of these amazing animals. If you cannot adopt, foster. If you cannot foster, volunteer.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Adopt Don’t Shop!

Source: NBC News


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