Praise the Lord!

For months I have been crying and whining both here in my daily Blogs AND on-the-air on Q105 about the black-out of WFLA (NBC) on DirecTV.

Well, me… (and every other DirecTV customer in the Tampa Bay area) can finally watch WFLA news and NBC programming again, after months of a cold-hearted black-out.

Nexstar, owners of WFLA News Channel 8 have come to at least some sort of agreement, that has the station back on DirecTV.

I told my wife that if the dispute between Nexstar and AT&T wasn’t settled by the Buc’s first regular season game, that I was pulling the plug on DTV and switching to cable. But the clouds have parted and the birds are singing again.

I’m still disappointed that you two companies had to hold us (the viewers) hostage to prove a point to each other. But at least it’s over. It is over… right?

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