Since we live in Tampa, we are used to hearing stories from a Florida Man. Florida makes the news all the time with crazy stories because of the Sunshine Law that makes all the arrest records and mug shots public.

When you hear a crazy news story you cross your fingers and hope not to hear the word Florida.

Well, let’s turn the tables and give you a #NotFlorida crazy story.

A Massachusetts man started his roof on fire this week trying to kill hornets with a Roman candle firework.

Dave Schmida of Sturbridge was home visiting family from college when he spotted a hornets nest on the family home.

The 21 year old first tried to spray the nest with Raid, the pesticide spray. When that didn’t work Schmida went and got left over fireworks and lit the Roman candle trying to burn down the nest. He burned down the nest alright and part of his families roof too. Nope, #NotFlorida