The new survey shows it takes just 20 seconds to get annoyed while waiting for the ink to dry on a Hallmark card. 22 seconds is way to long to wait for a movie to load and 16 seconds is unbearable waiting for the website to load.

I can completely relate to this because I don’t have any patience at work when I’m trying to write a story like this one right her and Spectrum internet won’t load immediately. I’m a little better in traffic because what can you do when you are stuck on I-4 or the Howard Frankland Bridge because it’s rush hour or there’s an accident, but I still have to find something to do, even in traffic.

How about waiting in line at Largo Mall to see Lion King. It took me less than a minute to get annoyed that people in front of me were fumbling with their iphone trying to get to the right page to scan their pre-purchased tickets to the movie.

Then when we finally got inside, there was a huge line for popcorn, candy and drinks and only two people working the counter. I thought the guy behind me was going to pass out when they carded me and asked for my drivers license when I purchased a glass of wine.

Are you with me on this? It’s your smart phone and the instant gratification of always having your phone as a go two when you don’t have anything to do. We used to live life much slower and you had to be patient when your Mother dragged you around town doing errands.

I think I’ll put my phone down now and practice patience ……………….