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As we recently reported, a Tampa family who was on their way to church was suddenly attacked by a swarm of bees.

Luis Figueroa said his family was leaving their home to head to church, when his son walked to the end of their drive to open the gate. That’s when the bees suddenly swarmed his son.

Figueroa’s wife frantically ran to help her son but the bees attacked her too. She ultimately took the brunt of the attack. The bees chased the whole family to the end of their road. That’s when they dialed 911. When the ambulance arrived all three family members were taken to the hospital.

The active bee hive is located on Hillsborough County property. Hillsborough County officials say they have hired a bee removal expert, and hope to have the problem taken care of.

Afterwards Mr. Figueroa said, “They say we are lucky to be alive… which, I got to thank Hillsborough County, they were really fast to make it here.”

Hillsborough County Fire And Rescue have put up caution tape to warn anyone who ventures to the end of E. 27th Place in Tampa, which is where the massive bee attack was unleashed.

I’d suggest anyone who does not have to enter that area to stay clear. Bees can be deadly. Officials offer the best way to avoid a swarm is to run. So, the second you feel a bee bump into you, or any sort of a sting, it’s suggested to take it as a warning sign and.. take off!  Experts also recommend NOT to jump into water, because the swarm will concentrate on your head above the surface.

Check out this video from ABC Action News:

Source: ABC Action News

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