Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me” didn’t become a hit because the band wrote it or heard it and wanted to record it, no it was backwards in every way.

This is how it happened. Take a hot band, Simple Minds and get them to record a song for your new hit movie (The Breakfast Club).

Inform the band that they can’t write their own song for the movie, they’ll have to record the one you give them. Introduce the band to your songwriter and watch the two of them fight about the song. Then watch the band feel bad about beating up on the songwriter and finally get into the studio to record the stupid song. Watch the band walk out of the studio shaking their head at how bad the song is. Then watch it top the charts.

Charlie Burchill told the Guardian in 2016: “at the time, we felt the song didn’t suit us, because we had delusions of being ultra-hip. When I listen to it now, it’s obviously a brilliant, well – crafted pop song. I’m embarrassed we dissed it so much.”