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Do listen to Q105 to get your day started, but try not to make these things part of your first-thing-in-the-morning routine (or avoid them altogether).

1. Check your phone, email, social media, etc. This just gets your mind to cluttered to start the day. Try something more zen, like meditation.

2. Hit the snooze button. How long is it going to let you snooze for? 10 minutes? That’s not enough to get you through another sleep cycle so you’ll wake up feeling more groggy.

3. Drink coffee. I know you are saying “Are you crazy?!” Yes, many of us need our coffee to start our day, but cortisol naturally helps us kick our day into gear. Let that do it’s job and then have your java around 9:30ish.

4. Get ready in the dark. You need to signify to your body that the day has started so go ahead and shine some light even if it’s still dark out.

5. Leave your bed unmade. Don’t do it! It will make you feel less productive and put together during the day.

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