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Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day performs on stage during the third day of "The Carling Weekend: Reading Festival" on August 29, 2004 in Reading, England.

No, I know. We don’t play them on Q105. Actually we do, but we play the one song by Green Day that I despise. I don’t even know if there will be a Tampa date on this Green Day tour with Weezer and Fall Out Boy. The tour announcement is coming sometime today. But these are five songs that need to make the set list if they do. And no, none of them are “Time Of Your Life.” BTW, that’s not the name of the song. So if that’s the one you wanna hear, good riddance.

Going To Pasalacqua
It’s a song you’ll never hear on the radio, but it’s my favorite Green Day song simply because it was the first song they played on the tour when I first saw them live… 3 times in one week in 3 different cities. I only planned to see them once. I wasn’t a big fan until after that first concert. I immediately booked hotel rooms and bought tickets in the next 2 cities when I got home.

American Idiot
A song from 2004 that I’m pretty sure Billie Joe Armstrong time traveled and wrote in 2019. The lyrics hit home in 2004. But they are painfully relevant in 2019.

Christie Road
Those first few Green Day albums before they became radio darlings had some great songs. This one takes me back to the 90s so fast.

Brain Stew
The first 2 guitar notes were my ring tone for years. It has that certain Beavis and Butthead je ne sais quoi.

Basket Case
The first song that got me into the band. Honestly not one of my favorite songs anymore, but the video was fantastic.

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