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"Welcome to Florida" sign (The Sunshine State)

You ever ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up and you’ll hear a variety of answers. YouTube star, astronaut, football player. All kinds of cool jobs!

But if you want to just about guarantee your kids will amass a healthy net worth, encourage them to go into politics. And the upside there, if you’re encouraging from a young age, they can stay on a righteous path, avoiding accumulating skeletons in their closet. Now this isn’t to say that all of these politicians got rich after they went into office. Certainly, there are those who amassed a fortune before running. But it’s clear they’ve retained and/or improved their financial position.

Let’s run through some numbers. When you look at 40 Florida senators, 27 acknowledged net worths of more than $1 million. Nine senators had more than the chamber’s $5.9 million average. Let’s look at the House. Of the 120 members, 43 reported net worths of greater than $1 million. And twenty-six members topped the $1.7 million average.

And remember, some of these folks who are clearly GOOD at balancing their personal budgets have made decisions contributing to our greater than trillion dollar national deficit.

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