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I never met William Christopher Sugra. I don’t know his friends or family. I never liked or commented on one of his posts on social media. He never called in a request to my show. I don’t even know what his voice sounded like. In fact, I had no idea he even existed until a few years ago. I just know he was a fellow computer geek who, like me, loved to ride a bike through NYC. One thing we didn’t have in common is running. He loved to run through Central Park. I prefer a slow walk with an ice cream in hand. William (or “Bill” as he was usually called) was on the 103rd floor and couldn’t escape on 9/11.

If you ever go to the 9/11 memorial, instead of reciting how many died, connect with one victim. Look up their story.

Jessica, a listener who saw this photo I posted to Instagram, looked up Bill’s story. She mentioned the photo when she made a donation to a memorial fund his family set up. His parents loved the photo and I was honored when they used it in a newsletter they do for the charity.

If you’d like to drop them a line today or donate a couple dollars, visit

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