The Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party!

Saturday Nights 7pm to Midnight

We’re all ready to do some serious dancing Saturday night at the Yuengling Center. It’s going to be club hit after hit with ten different freestyle legends on that stage. They’ll be doing all the songs you love on the Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party. BUT don’t forget those love songs… because the are some GEMS we’ll hear!

Stevie B “Because I Love You”
Oh sure, we love “Spring Love” and all of Stevie’s club classics. But don’t forget this #1! It was one of the first songs I got to play when I got on the radio in 1990.

The Jets “Make it Real”
Celebrating an anniversary?

Expose “I’ll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me”
The ladies from Expose had some many great dance jams that people forget this one!

Lisa Lisa “All Cried Out”
When the first few notes get played on the piano Saturday night, the place will go nuts!

The Jets “You Got It All”
A jukebox classic!

See you Saturday night at Freestyle Explosion at The Yuengling Center in Tampa! First act goes on at 7:30 so get there early! Geno will be your on stage host! He’ll be looking for tweets and Instagram posts with the hashtag #FreestyleExplosionTampa! And follow along with his posts @Q105Geno and @Q105SNDP! The Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party kicks the party off live on Q105 starting at 7!

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