The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office says they are in need of filling one of their “most important” jobs right now.

Dispatchers are what the Office describe as the “unsung hero’s” of their division. These are the first people you talk to when you have a 911 emergency. They are the one’s responsible for calming you down and dispatching help.

The Sheriffs Office says they currently have six openings for dispatchers. Facts are, that there’s a statewide shortage of dispatchers right now. Some say the shortage is due to the high stress of the job and long hours. But many who hold the position disagree, and say it’s a very rewarding and fulfilling position.

Carrie Flynn, Director of Communications says…“Our citizens don’t often know what they need, they just know they need help. And so it’s up to us to try to keep them calm and reassure them, but gather the important information that our responders need to know”.

Personally, I agree that this could be a very rewarding position for the right person. You would certainly be participating in helping someone and calming them, at what may be their worst hour.

Job requirements are simply a high school diploma or G.E.D. The position will involve seven months of training and offers opportunity for growth.

If you would like to find out more about applying for these positions click HERE.

Source: ABC Actions News

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