Hillsborough County Public Schools say that a big fight broke out on Thursday while students were changing classes at Middleton High School.

While administrators and school security broke up the fight, several other fights broke out causing a huge disturbance, and the Tampa Police Department had to be called in to break up those fights.

Unfortunately, an officer accidentally discharged pepper spray while trying to break up the fights. One unidentified student said ..”dozens of students were hit with pepper spray, innocent students. Then a lockdown occurred and the students couldn’t even go to the bathroom or anything to wash out their eyes. Some were even reportedly puking from the aftermath.”

One student was arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer, and a spokesperson for the Tampa Police Department say that is when the pepper spray incident happened.

In all, a total of six students were arrested for fighting and causing a disruption on campus.

Two students were taken to local hospitals following the fights, including one student who hit their head on a wall.  The mother of two students said one of her kids saw blood after the fight.

Parents are understandably frustrated with this situation. However, a spokesperson for the school district would not say what type of disciplinary actions they will take against the students.

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